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Cerro prides itself on being the dependable supplier of superior flow products for the plumbing, HVAC/R and industrial markets. Our totally integrated systems provide the very best solution for the unique needs of the customers we support - wholesale distribution, retail and OEM manufacturers - both domestically and internationally.

Cerro is a global provider of quality flow products for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Delivering quality flow products and superior customer service for decades.

Some typical applications for these plumbing products include: domestic underground water services, water distribution, medical gas systems, fuel oil and gas distribution and fire sprinkler installations.

HVAC & Refrigeration
Cerro continues to offer exceptional products to support residential and commercial requirements in the heating, cooling and refrigeration markets. As demands for operating efficiencies increase, Cerro is your reliable source for precision and quality flow products to meet your objectives.

A few common applications for these products include: air-conditioning, heating systems, and medical gas systems.

CerroSet® - CerroSet linesets are designed especially for the HVAC market and feature the highest rated UV retardant insulation in its class. We offer 1,000 different lineset combinations for quick, cost-efficient field installation of split system air conditioners and heat pumps.

CerroPure® - our nitrogen pressurized ACR tube is specifically engineered and manufactured for applications in medical, refrigeration, and other specialized equipment functions. CerroPure meets the highest industry standards and provides superior cleanliness for the contaminant-free transportation of refrigerants, oxygen and other gases.

Cerro produces precision flow products for the residential and commercial industrial markets. These products are typically used in the installation of replacement coils, air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems. With its experienced staff and technical innovations, Cerro continues to provide quality products and services.

Of the many products we offer, you will find the following two brands in particular that meet and exceed industry standards:

CerroSpec® - the most consistent, most precise, seamless thin-wall copper tube in the world. Its precision and the ability to hold tighter dimensional specifications allows an increase of 3-5% more tube footage per pound which results in a cost reduction of up to 10 cents per pound.

CerroGroove® - our internally grooved copper tube. The precision of our tubing provides superior heat transfer capability. CerroGroove allows for a more efficient cooling unit while reducing both energy consumption and costly demands from the unit's other components.