A level wound coil is a continuous length of tube that is tightly wound in layers. These coils are typically used for manufacturing end uses.

Product Temper Coil Wts. Uses Specifications
Level Wound coils, Smooth ID H58 (drawn) Available in nominal coil weights of 260 lb. 350 lb. and 520 lb.

Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration applications (evaporators, condensers, chillers, boilers, space heaters, etc.)

Specialized plumbing applications

ASTM B68, B75, B743
050 (light anneal)
060 (soft anneal)

Level wound coils are provided in the following tempers: light anneal, soft anneal, and hard.

ID Payoff:

Cerro's Inner Diameter (ID) Payout is revolutionizing the copper tube de-reeling process by eliminating the need for vertical de-reeling equipment, allowing tube to be pulled directly from horizontally stacked coils. By incorporating ID Payout, efficiency gains and cost savings are far-reaching:

  • Improved level-wound coil (LWC) performance maximizes process efficiency and reduces damaging distortion stress.
  • Cardboard packaging is virtually eliminated so there are no disposal costs.
  • Coil handling steps are eliminated, preventing related tube damage that results from lifting and manipulating large coils.
  • No need for costly powered de-reeling equipment and associated maintenance are likewise eliminated.

Level Wound Coils Packaging:

  • Level wound coils are provided on disposable cardboard, fiber core returnable reels,or bulk packed (without reels) at the customer’s option.
  • Coils are stacked on a wooden pallet and enclosed in stretch wrap.
  • The following types of outer packaging are currently available:
    Coils are stacked on a wooden pallet and enclosed in stretch wrap.
    The stack of coils are stretch-wrapped (reel or bulk). A spacer pallet is inserted in between the fourth and third coils to enable safe removal of the top coils.
  • Level wound coils are typically 24" ID. Maximum OD of coils on reels is typically 41" and bulk pack coils is 42".
  • The standard coil height is 10" when reel packaged. When bulk packaging, the height varies depending on size and weight of coil.

Pancake & Bunch Coils:

Technical Data:

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For technical references and information on applications and proper installation procedures, please see the Copper Tube Handbook.