CerroPure®, our nitrogen pressured ACR tube, meets the highest industry standards and provides superior cleanliness for the contaminant-free transportation of refrigerants, oxygen and other gases.

Product Temper Lengths Code Uses Specifications
Copper Water Tube Type ACR Hard 20 ft. straight
Air conditioning and refrigeration ASTM B280

Copper UNS No. C12200
Types ACR

CerroPure® (ACR/OXY/MED) tube - is specially cleaned for use in air conditioning, refrigeration and medical gas systems and meets the maximum allowable residue limit of 0.0035 g/sq. ft. of interior tube surface area established in both ASTM B280 and ASTM B819. After cleaning, our CerroPure tubing in sizes up to and including 3-1/8" is purged with dry nitrogen and the ends sealed with rubber plugs to maintain a positive pressure of nitrogen inside the tube. Plastic caps are fitted to the ends of CerroPure tubing larger than 3-1/8" O.D. to maintain the clean interior surface. CerroPure tubing in sizes up to and including 3-1/8" is ink marked "N2 Gas" to clearly identify it to the user.

Air conditioning tubing - seamless copper tube produced to a standard range of sizes and to specified internal cleanliness requirements, normally funished in drawn temper straight lengths with the ends capped or sealed.

ACR tubing is available in annealed (soft) coils or drawn (hard) straight lengths and is designated by actual outside diameter. Available in 10- and 20-foot lengths, 3/8" to 3-1/8" diameter.

Technical Data:
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For technical references and information on applications and proper installation procedures, please see the Copper Tube Handbook.